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  • Introduction to Services in the Composite Application Block
    • SCSF Version: All
    • Description: Discusses what services are in general, what they are in the Composite Application Block, and how the Services collection differs from the Items collection. Gives a basic example, and an example of splitting interface from implementation in a service.
  • Diagnostic time Service
    • SCSF Version: all
    • Description: Question about how to measure the execution time in a SCSF's application without loss accuracy.
  • CAB: UIService
    • SCSF Version: all
    • Description: A sample application to show how I use the UIService and the UIService project by itself.
  • Using IStatePersistence service
    • SCSF Version: All
    • Description: Question about the use of IStatePersistenceService interface. Topics about the State Persistence Service.
  • Connection Price Help
    • SCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: Question about Price (cost) in Connection Monitor Application Block.
  • Decoupled Service Registrations
    • SCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: Question about how to register services through the App.Config file without having to recompile your application.
  • using service attributes
    • SCSF Version: all
    • Description: Differences between CreateNew, ServiceDependency, Constructor Injection, Setter Injection and Method Injection attributes.

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