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Here is the plan we had for the iteration, what we got accomplished, and what was not complete, with comments in italics. If you want a more visual version of what was completed, see Mike's blog.

Past Iteration Results

Iteration 3 Accomplishments

Offline & Disconnected Service Agent (DSA)
  • DSA Block Complete
  • RI Updated to use Block to post and read messages from the queue
  • Ship Block, Reference Implementation with block,
  • Port Code of the Subscription Manager from the MCSF to SCSF
  • Ask the community for feedback as to the need for Subscription Manager

  • All recipes from last week work
  • Event publication and event subscription recipes Run
  • Recipe code included in the week drop Zip file

  • Create Source code installer

WCSF Workshop
  • Create Solutions for each exercise (code)
  • Define Instructions for each exercise

  • Define Requirements for WPF interop with CAB
  • Define goals of a WPF Spike

  • Brownbag for the team: How does the Build work?

Not accomplished

Offline & Disconnected Service Agent (DSA)
  • QuickStart in weekly drop; note: Object Builder versioning issue cause us to miss this objective

  • Fix the build script to generate usable solutions for Reference Implementation, Guidance Package, and QuickStarts. Note: this is a sporadic problem.

  • Define Requirements for WPF interop with CAB; Note: since we did not finish the spikes we could not identify the requirements

Getting the weekly drop out was hard this week due to versioning issues with Object Builder. It is good to find this issue now instead of later in the project. We will fix the issue for our next iteration.

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