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Iteration 2 Results


  • Finish the Disconnect Service Agent Quickstart
  • Config to Attach Endpoint to a connection 1 day
  • Move the Endpoint Catalog to the Disconnected Service Agent

Release Notes

  • Create release notes to highlight what is in the weekly drop - the blurb about the drop above is directly from the Release Notes. :-)

Not accomplished


  • Migrate Create Foundational Module Recipe to Recipe Framework
  • Migrate Add View with Presenter Recipe to Recipe Framework
  • Recipes compile and work after being registered
We completed the recipes, but due to build dependency issues, we pulled them from the drop.


  • Use the EntLib 3.0 SQL CE Data Access Block with the Disconnected Service Agent Almost, but not quite there


  • Write Functional test for Offline block - Partially done.
  • Code review of the Offline Application block - Partially Done
  • Test the migrated SCSF recipes

It was a good week, and we all feel good about what was accomplished. The team is not happy that we had to cut about half of the work we did, but we would rather do that than have folks disappointed that something does not work quite right. Next week, we will scale back our estimates of what we can do (using the "yesterday's weather" approach to planning), and after our planning meeting, post the plan to the SFSC R2 Iterations section of the SCSF community wiki page.

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