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Iteration 3 stories and success criteria

Offline & Disconnected Service Agent (DSA)
  • DSA Block Complete
  • RI Updated to use Block to post and read messages from the queue
  • Ship Block, Reference Implementation with block, QuickStart in weekly drop
  • Port Code of the Subscription Manager from the MCSF to SCSF
  • Ask the community for feedback as to the need for Subscription Manager

  • All recipes from last week work
  • Event publication and event subscription recipes Run
  • Recipe code included in the week drop Zip file
  • Stretch goal: Complete "Create Disconnected Service Agent" Recipe

  • Create Source code installer

WCSF Workshop
  • Create Solutions for each exercise (code)
  • Define Instructions for each exercise

  • Define Requirements for WPF interop with CAB
  • Define goals of a WPF Spike

  • Brownbag for the team: How does the Build work?
  • Fix the build script to generate usable solutions for Reference Implementation, Guidance Package, and QuickStarts.

Iteration 2 Stories

  • Migrate Create Foundational Module Recipe to Recipe Framework
  • Migrate Add View with Presenter Recipe to Recipe Framework
  • Recipes compile and work after being registered

  • Finish the Disconnect Service Agent Quickstart
  • Config to Attach Endpoint to a connection 1 day
  • Move the Endpoint Catalog to the Disconnected Service Agent
  • Use the EntLib 3.0 SQL CE Data Access Block with the Disconnected Service Agent

Subscription Manager
  • Review the Subscription Manager responsibilities

Release Notes
  • Create release notes to highlight what is in the weekly drop

  • Write Functional test for Offline block
  • Code review of the Offline Application block
  • Test the migrated SCSF recipes

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