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How To: Use the Ngen tool to improve the performance in CAB / SCSF applications
  • SCSF Version: All
  • Description: Article that explains how to modify the ModuleLoaderService class to use the Assembly.Load method instead of Assembly.LoadFrom method in order to work with Ngen.

Inter-process Communication Between a Smart Client App and VB5 Desktop App
  • SCSF Version: All
  • Description: In this thread, the community share its knowledge about inter-process communications.

SCSF - April 2008 Source Code in Express Editions
  • SCSF Version: All
  • Description: Workaround to install SCSF source code with Visual Studio Express edition.

How To: Use SC-SF with Enterprise Library 4
  • SCSF Version: April 2008
  • Description: How to update SCSF solutions and create a custom Guidance Package to use Enterprise Library 4.

Execute Smart Client application, as a modal, from an add-in in Office on Others
  • SCSF Version: All
  • Description: Article about how to show the Shell as a modal windows from an Outlook add-in.

Startup Form VB.Net
  • SCSF Version: All
  • Description: Question about how to make the project start at the ShellApplication.Main() method, if you have previously set the ShellForm as the Startup form (VB .NET).

You Can Depend On Patterns and Practices
  • SCSF Version: All
  • Description: Alex Homer from the p&p team focuses on ways in which groups inside Microsoft have implemented the Dependency Injection pattern in Microsoft products

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