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What is it?

The Offline Application Block is a reusable library that provides an architectural model for developers who want to add offline capabilities to their smart client applications. The block demonstrates how to:
  • Detect the presence or absence of network connectivity.
  • Cache the required data so that the application can continue to function even when the network connection is not available.
  • Synchronize the client application state and/or data with the server when the network connection becomes available.

Where to start?

The forums for common questions & answers

Offline Application Block Forums

Other resources

  • A patch that fixes a memory leak in the Configuration Application Block. EntLib Patch
  • This document describes how patterns & practices involves community in its engineering, and the options available to customers and partners wishing to engage in the development of patterns & practices assets. p&p- Community Process
  • This is the Insurance Claims sample code for the February 2005 MSDN article and gives your applications offline capability with the Smart Client Offline Application Block.
  • The zip file contains the Unit Tests used during the development of the Offline Application Block.
  • The release contains Offline Application Block Webcast slide deck and demo code. Naveeny

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robertgyorgy1 Jul 10, 2008 at 11:00 PM 
Hello, please can anybody tell me if the insurance claims quick start is functional? Exactly after push the the download button why nothing happening even evryting is configured (database, webservice)

thank you.