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Model View Presenter (MVP)

  • WPF Support in SCSF
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    • ‌‌Description:‌ How SCSF provides support to create and host WPF smart parts in Smart Client Applications.
  • Building a Composite Application Framework
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    • ‌‌Description:‌‌‌ A series of posts on how to build a Composite Application Framework (Supervising Controller, Passive View, View to Presenter Communication, Assigning Responsibilities in a Model View Presenter Architecture, etc.).
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  • Merging Views
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    • Description: Question about how to show two or more Views in the same workspace.
  • Presenter Construction
    • SCSF Version: All
    • Description: Question about how to manage the construction of the Presenter.

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mconverti May 15, 2008 at 1:42 PM 
Hi manohardev,

A possible approach is to register your own presenter manager as a global service. Then, you can inject this service in your views to provide the correct instance of its presenter.

To avoid the creation of a presenter class every time that you add a view, you can create a custom Guidance Package. For more information you can see the topic “Modifying the Guidance Package”:

Mariano Converti

manohardev Feb 22, 2008 at 6:07 AM 
How to Seperate the Presenter in Smart Client?

In Smary client whenever we create new View it will automatically creates ViewPreseneter for that view.I just want to seperate that presenter completely to develop my own Presenter Manager class(which will manage all presenter instances ).

Can some one suggest me the approach for this?