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Known Issues with the Smart Client Software Factory April 2008

The following known issues exist for the Smart Client Factory - April 2008. If you encounter an unexpected issue with the reference implementation, documentation, or any of the guidance packages, please communicate your experience to the Issue Tracker.


Guidance Package

The Add Event Publication recipe performs case-sensitive validation of event topic names. When you use the recipe to create a new event, the recipe performs validation to check that you do not enter a duplicate event topic name. However, the validation is not case sensitive, and you can use the recipe to enter multiple event topics names that differ only in casing. If you do this, the generated code will not compile in Visual Basic .NET projects.

Compiling the Guidance Package Source

Before you can compile the guidance package, you must install the Guidance Automation Toolkit, Guidance Automation Extensions and Visual Studio 2008 SDK. For more information, see the following:

Creating Smart Client Solutions and Projects for .NET 3.5 only

The Smart Client Software Factory includes templates named Create Smart Client Application, Add Business Module, and Add Foundational Module which unfolds Smart client solution and projects that target the .NET Framework 3.5. These templates ignore the target framework version selected in the New Project dialog. This means that you cannot create Smart client solutions targeting older .NET Framework versions with this release of the Smart Client Software Factory.

Generating Unit Tests Projects for Modules

If you do not have a version of Visual Studio that supports Team System unit tests, the Add Business Module recipe and Add Foundational Module recipes will fail when you attempt to create a module and select the option to create a unit test project.

Debugging the tests for the CompositeUI.WPF.Tests project

If you want to debug the tests for the CompositeUI.WPF.Tests project you must disable the LoaderLock option of the Managed Debugging Assistant. To do this, perform the following steps:
  1. In Visual Studio 2008 go to the Debug menu and select Exceptions.
  2. Open the "Managed Debugging Assistants" node.
  3. Unselect the option "Thrown" for "Loaderlock".

Running the Create Disconnected Service Agent recipe

If you run the Create Disconnected Service Agent recipe for a Web Reference that has the same service name as another web reference, the recipe will fail and it will not create a new disconnected service agent.

Running the Update Disconnected Service Agent recipe

If you rename the folder where a disconnected service agent is placed, when you run the Update Disconnected Service Agent recipe for that service it will fail.

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