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Known Issues / Fixes

  • Memory Leak Issues
    • SCSF Version: May 2007
    • Description: The memory usage grows when opening and closing views. Bugs in SCSF - May 2007 templates (fixed in SCSF - April 2008 release) and a bug in the DeckWorkspace not fixed jet.
  • Behaviour of ShowViewInWorkspace
    • SCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: ShowViewInWorkspace<TView>(string viewId, string workspaceName) is not applying the id. (C# only).
  • Exception Handling error
    • SCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: App.config is not using the signed assemblies (PublicKeyToken is null).
  • WPF: Modal Window in SCSF
    • SCSF Version: 1.1
    • Description: How to use a WPF SmartPart as a Modal Window in a WindowWorkspace.
  • Error when try to add a Business Module
    • SCSF Version: All
    • Description: Question about this error: "An exception occurred during the binding of reference or execution of recipe CreateBusinessModule. Error was: The following arguments are required and don’t have values: ShellProject. Can’t continue execution".
  • Unable to install CAB on Vista
    • SCSF Version: All
    • Description: How to solve the “An unexpected error occurred generating the Visual Studio Solution files. You may have to manually create solution files for the projects you have installed” exception during the installation of CAB.
  • Smart Client Factory + ModuleLoadException
    • SCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: Solution when a exception of type 'Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.Services.ModuleLoadException' occurred in Infrastructure.Library.dll.
  • MDI content resizing
    • SCSF Version: all
    • Description: There is a bug in MDIWorkspace container: the content control's size stay always the same. Dock or anchor properties in design mode are dead.
  • Customizing the documentation
    • SCSF Version: all
    • Description: After the SC-SF documentation has been compiled by HelpStudio Lite, it contains no images, and it displays a runtime error.

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mrlucmorin Dec 8, 2008 at 6:48 PM 

When can we expect a roll-out of all those fixes into an installer ?

Is there a possibility that this project could offer the source through SVN as other CodePlex projects do ? This way we'd have the patched version of the source code, and wouldn't have to manually apply them, with the high risk of error this implies.

Also, it would be nice if we could have some description of the build process for the Guidance Package installer found in the source code. It seems that by default it doesn't build to be the same as the binary installer available as a download from this site.

I've just convinced management that we need to move toward such an architecture, but now I find myself having to roll out my own installer so that all members of the team don't have to use the SCSF source.

I need some help !!