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Topics: Updater Application Block
Feb 27, 2005 at 2:34 AM
originally posted by: mubama0n

Hi ,
Refer back to the document :UpdaterApplicationBlockAlphaDocumentation.doc
On page 38 It says:
To use the Updater Application Block as an in-process component
1.Determine the event that should trigger the update. For example, a menu item clicked by a user or continuous polling from a new thread.
2.Add code to this event that executes the following steps:
a.Creates an instance of the ApplicationUpdaterManager.
b.Retrieves manifest information from the server.
c.Add event handlers for download and activation events.
d.Download the updates.
e.Activate the updates.
3.Create a manifest file that uses at least the following activation processors:
This Document consedering all the developers as experts !! , so can you expalin by code example how we use points (a,b)?