App.config - baseDir element question

Topics: Updater Application Block
Aug 25, 2004 at 2:57 PM
originally posted by: losdude

I'm a little confused... I MUST be... in the sample App.config that is in the self updating sample app, there is a section that looks like this (modified tags to show XML)

baseDirC:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Blocks for .NET\Updater\Code\DemoFiles\SelfUpdaterClient/baseDir
xmlFileC:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Blocks for .NET\Updater\Code\DemoFiles\SelfUpdaterClient\AppStart.exe.config/xmlFile
tempDirC:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Blocks for .NET\Updater\Code\DemoFiles\SelfUpdaterClient\newFiles/tempDir

My question is, what if the user installs this application to a different location than what I'm manually putting into this section? Shouldn't this application KNOW what folder it's running in? I MUST be missing something.
Aug 28, 2004 at 6:44 AM
originally posted by: spd1975

I have a similar dilemma. I'm trying to create a self updating app. The users of the app can install it wherever they want. However, the App.config for the Updater Application Block demands a client baseDir element which has to be an absolute path. My question is, given that the App.config is read-only, how do I get the Application Update Block to work correctly if the user can install anywhere?