Welcome to Workspaces!

Topics: Updater Application Block
May 23, 2003 at 3:28 AM
originally posted by: methylamine

Welcome to GotDotNet Workspaces.

Please take a moment to explore some of the features available to you.

1. Workspace home page
View your Workspace home page, which includes vital information about specific Workspaces such as news, Workspace components (tools), and release history.

2. File Share
Use the File Share to add, delete, view, check-in or check-out files.

3. Message board
Use Message Boards to discuss issues surrounding your Workspace. With the Message Board you may start, view, reply and also subscribe to message threads.

4. Bug tracker
Submit bugs (i.e. code defects), suggestions, feature requests or work items and manage project milestones. Once submitted, bugs can be re-assigned, resolved, re-activated, or closed.

5. News
Add and view Workspace related news items.

6. Release management
Make the latest releases available to your team members and visitors by uploading them to your Workspace.