self update example doesn't hit filesvalidated?

Topics: Updater Application Block
Oct 9, 2003 at 3:09 PM
originally posted by: wsabey

in the VB selfupdating example, the directory has a usevalidation entry in selfupdatingtest.exe.config


yet, the filesvalidated event is not triggered after the download. The sample uses this to start the new version. is this a known problem or is the sample missing something?

DownloaderManager.BeginFileDownloads :
Status updated with job id '8e40d1e7-72fb-4f98-874b-83b40fd52702' for the application 'SelfUpdatingTest'.

DownloaderManager.ValidateFilesAndCleanup :
Updating the local configuration file, probably AppStart.exe.config depending on mode of deployment, for the application 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Blocks for .NET\Updater\Code\DemoFiles\SelfUpdaterClient\AppStart.exe.config'.

ClientApplicationInfo.Save :
Now saving ClientApplicationInfo object to file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Blocks for .NET\Updater\Code\DemoFiles\SelfUpdaterClient\AppStart.exe.config'.

Thread: 108 OnUpdaterDownloadCompleted
Thread: 115 OnUpdaterDownloadCompletedHandler

DownloaderManager.CheckDownloadCompleteOrError :

Download Completed