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Jul 2, 2003 at 12:27 PM
originally posted by: methylamine

Hey Folks, I'm starting this thread and will just put new things under it as we go.

QUESTION: Updater is working the first time as a Service. Then, when we do another update, and create a new Manifest, it fails on Validation. BUT if we restart the Service, it works again. Why?

ANSWER: Make sure you're using the same public/private key pair when you recreate the Manifest. If they are different, then the public key in the client-side config file will be wrong and validation fails.
Aug 6, 2003 at 7:44 PM
originally posted by: GDorazio

QUESTION: I deployed my application to a .NET web site and am getting the following error in the log file:

BITSDownloader : The BITS service returned an error for the job with the ID 'aac501b5-62a7-4f86-b017-2a0c62d4ce71'; the job's name and description are 'BITSFilesDownloadJob' and 'BITSFilesDownloadJob'. The BITS service error message for this job is 'The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.'. This job has been canceled, and the DownloaderManager will attempt it again. If you see this error frequently, you may have a mis-configuration, or another administrator process/user is canceling BITS jobs. It is also possible that some mis-configuration of the Manifest file is causing BITS to have trouble with a source or destination path; be sure that all SOURCE paths are valid URLs, and that all DESTINATION paths are valid LOCAL UNC paths--_shares are not allowed_.

The source and destination paths appear to be fine. When checking the IIS logs on the web site there is a 502 error for the exe assembly and 500 errors for the dll assemblies.

What type of problem could this be and how can it be corrected?

ANSWER: The 500 and 502 errors were caused by not having the right folder access permission set. The folder permissions were changed to Read only and the DLLs and EXE would download just fine. But this was not enough. If the app had an myApp.exe.config file associated with it then it now gave a 403 error where before it would download ok. According to the MS docs for config files the permission of the folder must be set to allow script execute. So the settings finally ended up being for an anonymous user, Read and Script execute. IIS execute permissions are set to none.