How to create hashes for Partial Update

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May 19, 2005 at 3:16 PM
originally posted by: Ubiqueman

I have been playing around with the Auto InProc QuickStart. One thing I don't understand is how the hash is generated for files you want to update.

For instance how is the hash from the following line of the manifests.xml created:

<file source="AutoInproc.exe" hash="a5aqUnlIyzu670VDJW8lSwXJdJM="/>

If anyone could tell me how to go about creating these hashes, I would be sincerely gratefull.


May 21, 2005 at 1:05 AM
originally posted by: AnuragRastogi

You can generate the hash while creating the Manifest file for updates. For generating the hash for files that you want to update I would like to suggest you to follow the steps given below -

  • Open Updater Manifest tool shipped with Updater Block.
*On the Manifest Properties tab, enter the manifest and included manifests information.
*Click the Downloader tab and enter the downloader name.
*Click the Application Properties tab, and then enter the application information.
  • On this tab click on 'Use Hashing ' checkbox it will ask you to provide the location for configuration file e.g. "EnterpriseLibrary. Security.Cryptography.config"
  • Once you provide the location it will fetch the name of hashProvider configured for hashing.
  • Now choose the source folder and files that you want to put for updates.
*Provide the necessary Activation Processors Details on Last tab.
*Save the Manifest file.
*This will automatically generate the hash value in Manifest files.

For more information refer the 'Create the Manifest File' section in documentation shipped with application block.
May 22, 2005 at 6:55 AM
originally posted by: Ubiqueman

Thank you very much,