Force Update of Entire App

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Sep 6, 2005 at 1:33 AM
originally posted by: Jonny

I'm working on an AppStart app which will be a bootstrap for a new application I'm working on which will run on a mixture of Windows flavours. I've implemented an HTTPDownloader to avoid using BITS and its working fine.

I'm now starting to make it into a production app and I'm thinking of a scenario where the client machine may become altered due to a user deleting or modifying files. Unfortunately, the client PC's are not under my control and they all have different security policies.

The ApplicationUpdateManager.CheckForUpdates doesn't seem to return a valid list of files if files on the client machine have been deleted? e.g. if you delete your app directory and then do CheckForUpdate() from your AppStart program, no manifest details will be returned even though none of the files exist on the local machine.

The Download method takes a manifest as an argument and I can't see how to get a manifest containing a list of all files in the app? This would be a useful function for a user if their app wasn't working they could force a vanilla download of the entire version of my app (and might save me some support calls ;)

What's the easiest way to force a download of all files in the manifest? This would be a last resort mechanism for correcting issues with a client machine.

I'm sure it must exist somewhere and I'm overlooking something, so if anyone's got any pointers or done anything similar I'd love to hear about it.
Oct 9, 2005 at 5:40 AM
originally posted by: jazar

Delete the applied manifest from the application folder on the client.