Still getting BITS error

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Jan 21, 2004 at 10:54 AM
originally posted by: AdamPat

I've tried all the suggestions on this forum and still get a BITS error. Attached are snippets from my log file. Please help!


DownloaderManager.RunDownloader :
Checking on updates for application 'ResWare'.

DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded :
DOWNLOAD STARTED: Downloading manifest for the application 'ResWare'. Time started: 20040120_11:39:22

DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded :
SOURCE FILE: 'http://localhost/ResWareUpdater/Manifest.xml'

DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded :
DEST FILE: 'D:\Program Files\Adeptive Software\ResWare\Manifest.xml'

ApplicationUpdateManager.StartUpdater :
The Updater has started; the target application's name is 'ResWare'. Time started: 20040120_11:39:22.

ServerApplicationInfo.Deserialize :
Reading Server Manifest file from 'D:\Program Files\Adeptive Software\ResWare\Manifest.xml' to deserialize into a ServerApplicationInfo object.

DownloaderManager.IsServerManifestDownloaded :
Server Manifest successfully downloaded to location 'D:\Program Files\Adeptive Software\ResWare\Manifest.xml'.

ClientApplicationInfo.Deserialize :
Reading the configuration file 'D:\Program Files\Adeptive Software\ResWare\AppStart.exe.config' to deserialize it into a ClientApplicationInfo object.

DownloaderManager.ClientMustBeUpdated :
The version currently on the client for application 'ResWare' is and the version on the server is

Thread: 118

DownloaderManager.BeginFileDownloads :
The local files must be updated for the application 'ResWare'.

DownloaderManager.DownloadApplicationFiles :
Manifest downloaded, now commencing download of application files for application 'ResWare'
to destination temporary folder 'D:\Program Files\Adeptive Software\ResWare\newFiles\'

DownloaderManager.DownloadApplicationFiles :

SOURCE: 'http://localhost/ResWareUpdater/ActiproSoftware.Wizard.dll'
DEST: 'D:\Program Files\Adeptive Software\ResWare\newFiles\ActiproSoftware.Wizard.dll'

....20 or so more file references like above here...

DownloaderManager.DownloadApplicationFiles :

SOURCE: 'http://localhost/ResWareUpdater/VBE6EXT.OLB'
DEST: 'D:\Program Files\Adeptive Software\ResWare\newFiles\VBE6EXT.OLB'

OnUpdaterDownloadStartedThread: 121
Thread: 118

DownloaderManager.BeginFileDownloads :
Status updated with job id '77190bc0-6dc5-4677-84d2-06e5aa9ee0c9' for the application 'ResWare'.

BITSDownloader :
The BITS service returned an error for the job with the ID '77190bc0-6dc5-4677-84d2-06e5aa9ee0c9';
the job's name and description are 'BITSFilesDownloadJob' and 'BITSFilesDownloadJob'.
The BITS service error message for this job is
'The server has not found anything matching the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

This job has been canceled, and the DownloaderManager will attempt it again. If you see this error frequently, you may have a mis-configuration, or another
administrator process/user is canceling BITS jobs.
It is also possible that some mis-configuration of the Manifest file is causing BITS to have trouble with a source or destination path;
be sure that all SOURCE paths are valid URLs, and that all DESTINATION paths are valid LOCAL UNC paths--_shares are not allowed_.

Jan 22, 2004 at 7:06 AM
originally posted by: wsabey

1) Does the <updateLocation> entry in servermanifest.xml match the <server><xmlFile> entry in the app's .config file?
2) Does the list of file names in servermanifest.xml match the file names in the download directory?
3)From Jeff's server setup tip sheet:
Check the mime types
Check the IIS log file for 404 errs (which I found in my problem:)
Jan 22, 2004 at 8:07 AM
originally posted by: AdamPat

#1 Was the problem. Doh. Thanks for your help.