Confused!!! Please help

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Aug 25, 2005 at 11:48 AM
originally posted by: lottoman2000

Hello everyone,

I am really confused about how UAB works in my scenario.

I have divided my updates into three categories: Apps, Reports, and others. For each category I created a manifest (ie Apps.xml, reports.xml and others.xml) and I have a main manfest (ie manifest.xml) which has the three category manfests references.

Lets say I destributed the application for my users. User ran the application which checks for updates in the start of the application. Lets say that there apdates for all three categories. The application informs the user that it is downloading updates then it is activating the apdates. Everything should be straight forward so far. Lets say a month later we have a new version of ONE of our reports. Now, in order for the application to recognize there is an update and need to generate a new manifest for "manifest.xml" and "Reports.xml". "Manifest.xml" should also has a reference for "apps.xml" and "Others.xml" in case we have new user who didn't do the first update. My concern is, I hope I didn't lose anyone so far, if the user already did the first the update, will his/her application download the files of the three manifests (reports.xml, apps.xml and others.xml) or only the files from reports.xml? and will it download all the files within reports.xml or only the new version of one report? To my understaning it should only download the new version of the one report instead of downloading all reports. But how can I implement that? I tried using hashing and I read previous threads in this group about hashing but the all failed. I used SHA1Managed algorithem and set saltEnabled to both false and true. Nogood. It still downloads all files. I followed the instructions in following thread:

I also read that there might be a bug in the hash validation.

Please let me know what I should do to fix that issue or if there is another way to tackle this problem.

I am using UAB 2.0 and I have also done patch 323. I am using win xp pro sp 2 and VS 2003

Your help is really appreciated