Bits - server name or address not resolved

Topics: Updater Application Block
Jan 15, 2004 at 10:17 AM
originally posted by: wsabey

DownloaderManager.BeginFileDownloads :
Status updated with job id '1f8a960b-64e3-4286-bd03-0f4019d7b209' for the application 'Win'.

BITSDownloader :
The BITS service returned an error for the job with the ID '1f8a960b-64e3-4286-bd03-0f4019d7b209';
the job's name and description are 'BITSFilesDownloadJob' and 'BITSFilesDownloadJob'.
The BITS service error message for this job is
'The server name or address could not be resolved

Problem : the server name in servermanifest.xml was incorrect. The server name was correct in exe.config so servermanifest.xml downloaded ok, but then the server entry in servermanifest.xml is used for file downloads.