Qusestion on Updater V2.0

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Feb 27, 2005 at 2:58 AM
originally posted by: mubama0n

Refere back to the document attached wit the sw it says on page 39 (Using a Stub Application to Check for Updates) :
Table 1: Elements in AppStart configuration file
Element Description
---------- ---------------
appFolderName Folder location containing the client Application executable file.

appExeName Name of the client application executable file.

appID application Identifier of the client application.

updateTime When the update process should be started with respect to the

client This can be BeforeStart or AfterShutdown.

manifestUri Location of the manifest file on the server.

My questions (Plese provide your answers by (C#) code if possible):
1-How we know the (appID)?
2-By example (C#) how we use (updateTime) proerity and (BeforeStart or AfterShutdown) , Unfortunatily the bad thing on this document it Considering all the programmer As experts?
3-Is it true step if we Create a manifest file thrugh the following file location :
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Blocks for .NET\Updater\Code\CS\Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Updater\ManifestUtility\bin\Debug\ManifestUtility.exe ?
4.Are You agree that this document is to poor in general and not provide enough and clear information?
Apr 7, 2005 at 3:28 AM
originally posted by: AnuragRastogi

hi ,

1. Constructor of ApplicationManifest class will solve your problem. in this constrcutor you have to just pass the instance of ManifestApplication as an argument.

2. you have to specify this in your application configuration file just like given in sample --



3. Not able to understand .please elaborate more on this.
4. No .
Apr 7, 2005 at 5:15 AM
originally posted by: chester_cyyang

1. you name your appID
2. Look at simpleAppStart example.
3. In the menu, there is a manifest editor tool. It is useful but you have to take time to see how to use it.
4. No, in general it is clear. It only take me one week to let it fully running while for Updater 1.0 it took me one month to customize it. For V2.0, the configuration is done very nice.