UAB seems to prevent App from closing

Topics: Updater Application Block
Nov 11, 2005 at 6:39 AM
originally posted by: ksl1

My app is modeled after the Auto-InProcess Quick Start.
Most works well; Updates are detected and downloaded and when App is closed updates are copied.

My problem occurs when a an update is downloaded, I can only close the app by ending the process using task mangaer.

My Update thread is created/started on form load:

// Seperate thread is spun to keep polling for updates
ThreadStart checkUpdateThreadStart = new ThreadStart(CheckAndUpdate);
pollThread = new Thread(checkUpdateThreadStart);
pollThread.Name = "Auto-InProcess Updater";

I abort the thread in the forms dispose method:

if(pollThread != null)

I don't suspect a manifest issue because of successful detection,donload and copying of file. It follows for reference:
<manifest manifestId="{949ce2d9-c253-4e75-b32b-1b0efac691ce}" mandatory="No" xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:PAG:updater-application-block:v2:manifest">
<description>WE CAD Updates</description>
<application applicationId="WECAD">
<entryPoint file="WECAD.exe" />
<files base="http://localhost/WeCAD/Updates/5000" hashComparison="No">
<file source="MyFile.txt" transient="No" />
<task name="WaitForApplicationExitProcessor" type="Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Updater.ActivationProcessors.WaitForApplicationExitProcessor, Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Updater.ActivationProcessors"/>
<task name="ApplicationDeployProcessor" type="Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Updater.ActivationProcessors.ApplicationDeployProcessor, Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Updater.ActivationProcessors"/>

Any Comments or suggestion will go a long way.