How to deploy a new app that has no update yet

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May 7, 2006 at 6:55 PM
originally posted by: ccthai

I am deploying a new application. This app does not have any update yet since it is new. I use Updater App Block to check for new update in this new app. I want the Updater App Block to tell me that there is no update available. Can someone tell me whether my solution to this is proper:

1. As usual, I have the app.config and updaterconfiguration.config. It is pointing to manifest.xml in the server.
2. The manifest.xml contains applicationID that is not equal to my applicationID. (Ideally it would be good if the manifest.xml can contain nothing to indicate no update. However applicationID tag must exist, so using a dummy applicationID is my hack. Furthermore, manifest.xml and updaterconfiguration.config are mandatory, therefore I think I have no choice other than having a dummy of them)
3. CheckForUpdate() will return no manifest since my manifest.xml does not have my applicationID.
4. When I have update for my app, I will change the dummy applicationID in manifest.xml to my actual applicationID.

In fact I love to see that if manifest.xml is not found on server, this will indicate no update. Is this a proper way of using App Updater Block in case of no update?

May 8, 2006 at 10:25 PM
originally posted by: Frepe


In my current project we point the client to a mastermanifest (with the correct app id). This manifest doesn't contain any updates.
When we want to add a new update, we create a new manifest for the update and then simply add a <includedManifests>-tag to the mastermanifest.

The mastermanifest will be downloaded, but we check if the manifests contains any files and if it doesn't we dont take any actions.

Oct 4, 2006 at 7:47 AM
originally posted by: RicardoMendes

This solution applies only once right? I've tried to do this, but when I apply the updates and then modify the master manifest and add a new row, the client doesn't download it again.

Any ideas?