Manifest tool in V1 and in V2: ideas

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Jan 8, 2005 at 7:28 AM
originally posted by: figuerres2

I like having a command line tool.
I like some aspects of the GUI tool.

I think that having to specify the filenames can get a bit messy on a command line.

one idea: have a kind of "Project file" for building manifests, perhaps just parse the ones used by visual studio?

I see this as good baseline:

I want to update a location (network share, web server or whatever) with new bits based on the re-build of a current app.
the tool should load the old manifest and use MOST of the settings in it to generate MOST of the new manifest by simple copy logic.
add new files, update signatures of files found in both versions.

have a GUI for the initall build of the manifest and for manual editing when needed.

IMHO that is what we should have for the final updater 2.0 package.

If I had the time I'd contribute the tool but that may not happen for a long time... :--(

if someone wants to work on the idea I'll be glad to do some of it....
but I work mostly with VB not C# (but I can deal with it as needed)
Feb 1, 2005 at 2:21 AM
originally posted by: nyajaman

Thanks for your feedback. We have added a GUI to the Manifest tool. It is part of the latest drop of UAB.