Updater Application Block: does it work ?

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Jan 29, 2004 at 8:51 AM
originally posted by: srikanth6377

hi ,
we have a situation where we have to update all our clients in a domain, the number of clients in the domain range from 10 - 2000. Each client machine can have its own local database(msde) and the data is replicated to the main server and all the other terminals during non peak hours, and some of the terminals go offline frequently.
The main problem we have is how to make sure that both the application and the database gets updated or not.
As soon as the terminal comes online we want the updater to update before the replication starts.
we are updating the database using the postprocessing we backup the database and run sql scripts using osql. If the database update is not successful we want the whole process to rollback
and stop the replication( as other machines in the domain might have already been updated ).
Say we update the clients as frequently as once a week, can we do this using "Updater" or is there a better approach ? any suggestions or ideas are welcome.