Motivations for Updater Application Block Workspac

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Jun 14, 2003 at 6:59 AM
originally posted by: teodorom

as far as I can understand the UABW is a superset of what one can get using a much simpler approach, the one that makes use of a simple "booster" that copies locally a booster.exe.config file, and then launches (using Assembly.LoadFrom and then reflection) the Main executable.
If UABW is much more complex then I can guess that the simple approach has too many problems and drawbacks (solved by UABW).
My problem is that I don't see too many of them.
Could any one give me some more motivations ?
Jun 17, 2003 at 6:49 AM
originally posted by: methylamine

The motivation for the block (I feel like a Method actor..."What's my motivation? Why does Joe want to marry Shelly here?") is to have PULL UPDATING.

You're looking at the client-side only, where we use config info to dynamically start a particular version of an EXE using AppStart.

But the much more interesting stuff is in the ability to query a server for a manifest file, then parse that file and securely download a complete application to the local drive.

Does that make sense? UAB gives you a pull-model application update, much like Windows Update.