Deploying Version Updates, How in v2 ?

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Apr 28, 2005 at 1:42 PM
originally posted by: nez_

Hi, I have managed to create an app that updates itself (Manual-Inproc).

My problem is after the first update it wont recognise any future updated files I post to the server without me chaning the manifests ID.

I have read the help doc & searched the web with no luck.

Do I have to change the manifest ID with every file update?

How does it work for multiple files? (e.g i only upload a singluar file change in a multi file config)

How does versioning work in V2? in V1 it appears you set the version in the manifest & Last update date.

Ideally I want 1 manifest that lists the files needed & 1 location for the latest files (e.g. not version named folders). Is this how versioning works? by checking folder/file location?

Thanks for any help.

Apr 28, 2005 at 8:19 PM
originally posted by: AnuragRastogi

Hi ,

yes you have to change the manifest ID for every update.

for putting multiple updates you need to make separate manifest file corresponding for each update and place entry for each update in the main manifest file (manifest.xml) under <InclucdeManifests> Tag.

<manifest location="manifest_V1.xml" manifestId="{C18DC1E6-001C-
<manifest location="manifest_V2.xml" manifestId="{AAB3F1B4-

For more help see the MSI QuickStart shipped with Application Block.