questions from a newbie

Topics: Updater Application Block
Jul 26, 2004 at 10:17 PM
originally posted by: YuChai

I tried a sample based on the self-update sample and so far so good.
I works when I use the 'localhost' instead of IP in the config file and manifest.
However, if i change to IP, it display errors sth like
BITSDownloader :
The BITS service returned an error for the job with the ID '2347bcbe-4063-4df1-bd4a-843629a0201a';
the job's name and description are 'BITSFilesDownloadJob' and 'BITSFilesDownloadJob'.
The BITS service error message for this job is
'The requested resource requires user authentication.

Besides, I got three other questions to ask your experts.

1. read from other post, it stated that .config file need to change to be able to dl from the web site. any concern about this?

2. I'm writing an app that use a presentation tools for our sales group. It should includes about 20~30 flash file (the app run the flashes with a vb program). So, as the contents of the flash file may change quite often (e.g. add a new flash file with one of the new product). So, does it means that all the files (e.g. folder need to be dl and update). Any workaround of this?

3. The testing program don't restart after the dl is complete. How can I force it to do so?

Any ideas is very much appreciated.