Interop.WindowsInstaller.dll, how do I sign?

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May 14, 2005 at 9:50 AM
originally posted by: spideros

I am trying to use the updater block, but I am facing a problem, all my apps are signed with .snk

So, In need to sign every assembly that relates to my project with a strong name.

How do I sign Interop.WindowsInstaller.dll ?

May 27, 2005 at 2:42 PM
originally posted by: WesleySmith

I had the same problem today. I solved the problem by regenerating the Interop.WindowsInstaller.dll from the original COM definition.

To do that, In the ActivationProcessors Project (which is the project that has a reference on Interop.WindowsInstaller.dll) , go to the project's
properties, then to the Common Properties -> General section, and enter the name of your .snk file in the "Wrapper Assembly Key File" text box.

Then, delete the WindowsInstaller reference from the project references, and then add a new reference, choose the COM tab, and choose the "Microsoft Windows Installer Object Library" component. Studio will automatically regenerate the Interop.WindowsInstaller.dll file and sign it with the .snk file that you configured.

I read somewhere that Studio does not support generating signed assemblies for VB projects, but you could also accomplish this same thing by using the TlbImp command line program and passing it your key file, then adding the resulting dll as a reference.