Validation not working with Application Block

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Dec 4, 2003 at 6:43 AM
originally posted by: RickBos


We are testing out the Updater Application Block.

Everything works for us except the validation.

Here is the scenario:

We create a simple application called SignedTest.exe.
The updater controller is running as a service.

On my workstation I have a directory:


I use the ManifestUtility to create a Manifest as follows:
Update files folder : d:\update_test\
Version :
Validator assembly:oft.ApplicationBlocks.Updater\ManifestUtility\bin\Release\Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ApplicationUpdater.dll

Validator class:Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ApplicationUpdater.Validators.RSAValidator

I create the public and private keys.
I put the private key in the manifest utility and create the manifest ( Manifest.xml)

I put the public key in the app.config of the controller. I rebuild the controller, then refresh and restart the controller service.

I have the AppStart.exe.config point to version and move
the directory to the server. I also copy the Manifest.xml to the server.

If I turn validation off in the controller, it works as expected. ( .ie
it copies the directory to the work station).

If I keep validation on, it copies the Manifest.xml to the workstation, but
then removes it without generating any logs or Windows events.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rick Bos

Dec 4, 2003 at 8:09 AM
originally posted by: RickBos

Hi again.

We resolved the problem.

You have to be careful that you are using the correct keys and pointing
to the correct files when generating the manifest.