Updates to Manifest to signal Update

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Mar 19, 2005 at 7:59 AM
originally posted by: Whytboy

Alright Yall,

Ive looked at this over for a day now.. and my question is this. What in the manifest needs to change in order for the updaters to know that there is an update to it? I figure it has to be something solely on the minifest since I have no access to the AppStart configuration files.

After the initial update (the one that Creates the UAB directory), I make another change to my executable. Load it up on my webserver in a directory (just for fun), then edit the manifest file with the new Application Location and Files Base locations.

Apparently something else needs to change as well, because the AppStart still reports "No Updates Found".

So, How do I set up the manifest to report that there is an update?

- Roger
Mar 19, 2005 at 10:38 PM
originally posted by: Param23

Just change the Manifest ID..and you will see the Message
"Update Available"

Since the applied manifest ID is stored in UAB/applications/<application ID>/<manifest ID1>,<manifest ID 2>

So everytime it compares the Manifest ID(s) of server's manifest(s) with the local applied manifest(s) and if they don't match ..gives a prompt for update...that's the logic