Updater and Lockdown Policy

Topics: Updater Application Block
Jun 19, 2005 at 1:28 AM
originally posted by: carellotz


I'm planning to use the Updater block for rolling out updates to our application using the bootstrapper model demonstrated in the MSI Quickstart. I was wondering what the effect of lockdown policy within a company would be on the updater downloading and trying to install the MSI updates. What happens if lockdown policy prevents files being downloaded into the program files directory? What about writing to the registry? What about executing the MSI?

I would prefer to download the files to a lock down safe directory but from what I gather there is no way to specify these predefined safe directories like MyDocuments etc. as you can only specify absolute and relative paths for the download.

Does(can?) the Updater assert the permissions to prevent lockdown policy from executing its updates?