Hash Validation doesn't work :(

Topics: Updater Application Block
Jul 1, 2005 at 6:01 AM
originally posted by: kjeremy

When I set up hash validation in the manifest it did not work, the files were always downloaded. I then applied the fix posted a while ago that supposedly corrected the validation (execute()) routine and it still didn't work. Then I added a Hash Validation Processor in the manifest for each file (filename as source) and now I always get a ValidateHashException on the first file and then the program quits.

Can someone help me?

Jul 3, 2005 at 4:47 PM
originally posted by: EWoodruff

I think there's a problem with the Manifest Editor where it doesn't store a salt value with the hash values it computes in the manifest even if the SaltEnabled property is set to true on the hash provider in the configuration file. I had a problem where it was always downloading the files even when they were identical. In debugging the code I saw that it wasn't matching on the hashes because it was adding salt values to the ones computed client-side. By going into the configuration editor and setting the SaltEnabled property to false on the hash provider I got it to start working. Of course, this means you have to deploy at least once without hashing enabled to update the configuration file on the clients to turn off the SaltEnabled property.