Missing BankBranceWorkbench sample code.

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Oct 5, 2006 at 12:27 AM
originally posted by: Taniwha

I’ve been learning be example how to use the SCSF.

The BankBranchWorkbench solution, show us how to Add a Visitor. The AddVisitorToQueueViewPresenter calls _queueService.AddWalkin to store the visitor input. I can follow the code through until the CustomerQueueService calls _customerQueueServiceProxy.AddToQueue and there the trail stops.

Can the source code for CustomerQueueService please be made available, as this code show how the array of Phonenumbers are stored after/during the storing of the Customer data. I can only guess what the process is and if I could see the source code then all would be much clearer.

Retrieving data from the service is also puzzling?

The Stored Procedure FindCustomer concludes with
FROM Customer C1 INNER JOIN @Customer C2 on C1.CustomerId = C2.CustomerId

SELECT A.* FROM @Customer C RIGHT JOIN Address A ON C.CustomerID = A.CustomerId

SELECT E.* FROM @Customer C RIGHT JOIN EmailAddress E ON C.CustomerId =E.CustomerId

SELECT P.* FROM @Customer C RIGHT JOIN PhoneNumber P ON C.CustomerId = P.CustomerId
and it would be good to see an example as to how this get transformed into DataTypes.

The availablility of the Web Service to see this functionality would greatly enhance the learning process!

Your indulgence would be appreciated.

Oct 5, 2006 at 12:13 PM
originally posted by: Taniwha

Fidel Hobayan has uploaded source code that addresses my issues. It is a reference implementation which covers:
1. Adding and updating of Parent and Child objects using TransactionScope.
2. Retrieval of dependents resultset using a single repository class.
3. Translation of Business Entities (domain model) to Data Types or Message Types
(information model) and vice-versa with child dependent objects.
4. Handling customized concurrent update exception and using SQL Server 2005
timestamp column.
5. Searching and retrieving list by page using Generic classes and generic stored


Thank-you Fidel !