disconect between code and documentation(part1)?

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Jul 21, 2006 at 10:58 AM
originally posted by: y2k4life

I was expecting that when clicking on a link in the code that it would take me to documentation that I could copy and paste right into my Hello World program. This would help to see how things fit. And prove that the important part of this is the documentation that would guide the programmer into the Patterns & Practices. Instead just leaves them confused.

I would envision that the clicks on help would take me right there but don't. Instead what I get are vague code snippets and no direction on where they go. If I do figure out where the code goes then the code it self is not correct and needs to be tweaked.

Here is a little walk through with my experience of building the simple Hello World program.

1. New Project: Smart Application and Call it SmartHelloWorld
2. Fill in the wizard with the namespace: CompanyName.SmartHelloWorld
3. Finish
4. I get all the information that had happen and an explanation of what was done

What I would like to see in addition are the Next Steps which would be to continue to build a Business Module.
With out that I can figure it out on my own and mimic the Infrastructure folder.

1. I create a folder called SmartHelloWorld
2. I right mouse click and create a Smart Client Factory Module : Add Business Module
4. I get all the information that had happen and an explanation of what was done

What I don't get is what to do next. I know what to do next based on the CAB but with it wrapped up in the Smart Factory I still don't get what to do next all I'm left with is what was done. See the underlying issue I have is that I can get something started using the Factory but waste time trying to figure out what to do with what was built based on the documentation give after something is done. This then actually confused things than making it clear because I was given miss information.

I figured to build a view (even though the model has no data) so on the SmartHellowWorldModule project I see the "views" folder.
1. Right mouse click on "view" folder and create SmartHelloWorldView.
2. Files are built documentation comes up but nothing saying what to do next.

Again based on CAB I would like to extend the GUI and add menu items to the UIExtensionSiteNames.MainMenu but because the documentation that opens after building a view does not have links like this I would like to see how to wire my view into the presenter and model then load it up from the shell. Or how to add menus or how to add toolbars. Instead I had look at the documentation in the code that was built for ModuleController.cs. Why not put all the links on extending menus and toolbars right in the documentation that comes up after building a view? Links on the bottom of the help
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