Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Jul 6, 2006 at 2:52 PM
originally posted by: WeeBubba

i have been tasked with developing a .NET smart client application. this is for an application which will ship out to a modest user base - it is not an enterprise initiative.

i have downloaded both the SCOAB and SCSF blocks and am going to 'get my hands dirty' next week. however, i would be grateful if somebody could tell me the difference between these two blocks, and which might be more appropriate for a smaller scale app such as mine.

Does SCSF encompass SCOAB and more? Or are they completely different things? And will they still be relavent to a non enterprise level development.

many thanks
Jul 7, 2006 at 5:10 AM
originally posted by: askew

I used the Offline Application Block for .NET 1.1. This is an off-the-shelf mechanism to provide online/offline client software and it works well. This application block, however, did not make it into the .NET 2.0 versions of the application blocks. Let me clarify, they did not make it in the new SCSF. There is a version of the OAB that community members have ported to .NET 2.0. I do not make use of it but it is somewhere to be found.

SCSF did not want to promote one offline/online mechanism when there are many different ways to implement such a characteristic. The users were plugging in the OAB without thinking. There were some less than desireable results, imho. I used the OAB to deliver an application very quickly, but that is not always the best guidance.

Your choice, then, SCSF and implement your own offline caching via a Service Agent, or find the updated OAB and use it. I have decided to write my own with SCSF, since there is more benefit using it than OAB. OAB is much smaller in scope, ftm.