Feedback on Architectural Guide Chap 4 Offline

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Apr 23, 2004 at 5:46 AM
originally posted by: kjslough

Chapter 4 Offline

This chapter feels fairly “stream of consciousness” at the moment. Perhaps this is normal and even intended for a draft doc sent out for public feedback. The issues discussed and the content in the chapter are quite good, so most of my comments relate to ideas about how to highlight the important information that is now somewhat buried.

Some of the material seems repetitive, and often the discussion within a particular sub-section of a document creeps unnecessarily into material covered more fully in another section, often without even referencing the other section. For example, the last paragraph of section, “Minimizing Complex Network Interactions” drifts into talking about dependency handling (unnecessary) and does so without referencing the Handling Dependencies section (which is very good) later in the chapter.

It is also densely textual with few diagrams and could benefit from some differentiation between the types of things discussed. For example:
• Highlight relevant design patterns and Application Blocks instead of burying them within the chapter. For example, in Chapter 4 Offline, the Task pattern is just another sub-section of the “Designing Your Applications to Work Offline” section, along with all the general design issues. It could be much more central to the chapter.
• When making references to .NET FW classes, namespaces, highlight these in side notes or otherwise differentiate them from the text. I think there could be more references to specific areas of the .NET FW a developer should look at for implementation support