Some CTP feedback

Topics: Mobile Client Software Factory
Jun 2, 2006 at 6:40 AM
originally posted by: jeff_at_CWRMobility

Ok, here's some feedback on the MCSF CTP.

First of all, great framework! Unfortunately I'm too far in the development of our mobile application too start using it all.

At the moment I'm only using the DisconnectedServiceAgent and the ConnectionManager. The ConnectionManager converted to WM 2003 and both simplified to just fit my needs.

I was wondering why the credentials.xml and endpoints.xml used by the Catalog and Credentials services are not merged into the app.config used by the Configuration AB.

Also, I was hoping that the Configuration AB supported reading AND writing of configuration settings, but I only saw the option to read settings.

What I would personally like to see is the Logging AB. At the moment I'm using the TextLogger class, but I sure would like to see logging capabilities like sending the logs to the server etc.

Ok, that's it for now. Keep up the good work!

Jeffry van de Vuurst