MobileCABSampleModule.dll not found error

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Jul 19, 2006 at 5:30 AM
originally posted by: HarrySimpson

I've actually downloaded the factory from the Microsoft site most recently. I'm designing an app and wanted to get a feel for the Ap blocks here.

Ran the sample VB app from VS2005 in debug mode (to the emulator and then changed the target to a Windows 2003 actual device and ran in debug mode to it.

I keep getting an error in the ModuleLoaderService.cs assembly of the block at:

#region Guards

private void GuardLegalAssemblyFile(IModuleInfo modInfo)
Guard.ArgumentNotNull(modInfo, "modInfo");
Guard.ArgumentNotNull(modInfo.AssemblyFile, "modInfo.AssemblyFile");

string assemblyFilePath = GetModulePath(modInfo.AssemblyFile);

if (File.Exists(assemblyFilePath) == false)
throw new ModuleLoadException(
Properties.Resources.ModuleNotFound, assemblyFilePath));


ModuleLoadException was unhandled.
Assembly file \Program Files\mobilecabhelloworld\MobileCABSampleModule.dll was not found.

I was really hoping the block would be turn key but i'm missing something or could this be a bug?

Jul 19, 2006 at 6:54 AM
originally posted by: fmeijndert

1 Please make sure that the MobileCABSampleModule is set to deploy using the COnfigurationManager on the MobileCABHelloWorld solution.
2 Add MobileCABSampleModule to the build dependencies of the MobileCABHelloWorld project.

Hope this helps.
Jul 19, 2006 at 8:22 AM
originally posted by: fkc888

If that doesn't help, manually deploy the MobileCABSampleModule, then press F5 to run the MobileCABHelloWorld project.