Feature requests for OrientationAwareControl vNext

Topics: Mobile Client Software Factory
Aug 10, 2006 at 4:56 AM
originally posted by: dcazzulino

I'm collecting the feedback on the Orientation Aware Control for a new version I'm working on.

Let me know which features you would like to see!

Aug 10, 2006 at 7:37 AM
originally posted by: dcazzulino

BTW, this is a personal engagement from my company, Clarius Consulting (http://clariusconsulting.net). We believe the OAC is a great addition to the developer's toolbox, and that a number of features left out of the p&p version could be added to increase its value (more on this when we have a feature set planned). Some of these are very important (such as cross-platform support, better management of resources in terms of final assembly size, etc.), and we believe you will find them a welcome addition to the work we did for the p&p Mobile Factory.

Being a full product, it will not be free. We are evaluating a simpler and free community edition.

So, if you're interested in contributing ideas to the features of this exciting product, this is the right time to do so, as we're still prioritizing the tasks.

Let me know what you think!