REQ:Installer Cannot Create DataBase & Publication

Topics: Mobile Client Software Factory
Jul 18, 2006 at 6:10 AM
originally posted by: jtdesa

Because instaler failed on the second sql script.
Ive tried to install the DataBase by hand runing the scripts inside
("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Mobile Client Software actory\ReferenceImplementations\AdventureWorksToGo\DBScripts") Dir.
one by the following order.


But it turns out that some "distribution" table inside "masters" should exist ?

How do we install using this scripts.

Thanks in Advance.
Jul 18, 2006 at 9:42 AM
originally posted by: fkc888

The MSI installs the scripts in the following order:

Creates AdventureWorksMobileStaging DB on server specified on SQL Server Name screen in the MSI. The MSI doesn't directly call the database.sql script but we provide it as reference.

MSI runs CreateTablesAndUser.sql script.

MSI runs InsertSampleReferenceData.sql script.

MSI takes CreatePublications.sql script and replaces "SQLSERVERNAME" string with value provided by user in SQL Server Name screen in MSI, producing CreatePublicationsResult.sql.

MSI runs CreatePublicationsResult.sql script.

Please review the CreatePublicationsResult.sql script to make sure the SQLServer2005SQLAgentUser and SQLServer2005MSSQLUser account names match the ones in your SQL Server instance.

The CreatePublicationsResult.sql script creates a distributor for your SQL Server instance if one does not already exist. The distributor is necessary for Merge Replication.