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Oct 13, 2006 at 5:13 AM
originally posted by: ToddMorris

Hi All,

I've tried for almost two weeks to get:

A. The mobile factory installed
B. Get through even the beginning labs

I've had so many issues with the install and now with the labs being as clear as mud I believe I've come to my breaking point. I believe the project is incredible and a great conceptual idea but the documents for installation, labs and just general support have been difficult at best. For example, why do the labs use a workshop version of the factory? Why would I want to use something that I haven't set up myself? There were features being used that were unique to the workshop. If I'm never going to use those features (ie: they wouldn't be available in my own usage of a mobile project) why would I want to use a lab that does? I loved the idea but if I'm going to use the factory for a project that I am responsible for then I need something that is reliable, easy to debug and supportable. At this point I can't even get through lab3 and I have a small idea of what is being done in the background. As a side note I was interested in the detailed explanation of the architecture but would have liked more high level docomentation on the usage of the architecture.

I understand this is an open source experiment and I wish everyone (developers and users) the best of luck.

Oct 17, 2006 at 2:42 PM
originally posted by: AdamB_

Hey Todd,

I really sympathise with your perspective - it's taken me about 4 months to really get up to speed with the MCSF, especially considering I had no experience with the original CAB to start with. Fortunately some of the other guys in my office did, so we were able to muddle through it together.

When I find the time (chuckles to self) I'm planning to start a blog that's intended for "the rest of us" who haven't necessarily been devotess of GotDotNet forever! The MCSF learning curve is quite steep, simply because there are so many concepts that one would not necessarily have come across before, and one needs to "get" them all at once to use the framework.

That said, once you're there, it makes all sorts of things MUCH easier! It's definitely worth your time to push through, if you can!