Child Workitem terminate exception

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Dec 22, 2005 at 3:25 AM
originally posted by: SUBATBLOOMINGTON


We have a situation in which we have to lanuch child workitems from parent workitems, when i try to close the form , i am trying to terminate the child workitems from the parent workitem , it throws an exception and the entire application hands.

please help me to recommended approach for terminating the child workitmes from shell container.

Dec 22, 2005 at 8:11 AM
originally posted by: BradWilsonMSFT

Can you please be more specific? Best would be a very simple repro. In general, I have no problem terminating WorkItems, so I'd like to see what it is about your specific scenario that's causing you trouble.

Dec 22, 2005 at 8:14 AM
originally posted by: SUBATBLOOMINGTON

Thanks for your note.

We have launched a child workitem from shellworkitem , i am trying to terminate the childworkitem by calling the method


it displayed the exception in Formshellapplication class saying nullreference exception
Dec 23, 2005 at 9:33 PM
originally posted by: PProvost

I think we need a better repro than that. What does your child work item do? In what line is the NullReferenceException? What is the stack trace?

To help, we need more information than you are giving us.