Concurrent debug and release versions of CAB dlls

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Apr 1, 2006 at 12:26 AM
originally posted by: DingDongLars


Being almost through with the development of my SC-BAT based application I am in the process of setting up the release build. This process spawns a question.

When I initially started up the project I followed the instructions in the SC-BAT getting started document and compiled the CAB and EL solutions (debug configuration) to get the dlls which I then copied to a common folder in my VS2005 solution. From projects in my solution I then added references to the relevant dll's in this common folder (or rather, this was done by the Guidance Automation supplied with the SC-BAT).

During the development and debugging phase was I often greatly assisted by stepping into the CAB dll's when the code didn't work as expected, so I would like to guard the debug compiled versions of the CAB dll's as the one used by the debug configuration of my solution.

Now on the other hand when doing a release build I should probably reference CAB and EL dll's built by the release configuration of the supplied CAB and EL solutions.

Any ideas on how I should set this up in VS2005 so I reference the debug dll's when doing a debug build and the release dll's when doing a release build?

Or am I missing some important point here?

Thank you