UIExtension or Workspace for Dashboard area?

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Dec 2, 2006 at 11:03 AM
originally posted by: SkySigal2

UIExtensions seems to be for Hierarchical controls (menu/tree, etc).
Workspaces seems to be for one-at-a-time (tab/deck/etc.)

I'm thinking about a Dashboard/Today Module that other modules(Cal,Contacts,email) would plug a control into to list summary info...think 'outlook Today'.

Which way should I think about addressing this? Is it a UIExtension site, without a ControlAdapter, or is it a Workspace that ignores the concept of Active control (and all are visible).

Thanks for your suggestions...
Dec 2, 2006 at 12:31 PM
originally posted by: JKraft4PIT

Wow good idea, I have something like that "Start Page".

It is not as extensable it just calls a service(s) and fills a single view which displays the services "Messages".

I would also like to know what others are doing.
Dec 2, 2006 at 3:46 PM
originally posted by: SkySigal2

Hi JKraft...

Maybe relevant for you to:
Just been looking at this page which might come in handy if it ends up being a Workspace but that keeps them all visible...
One would need some kind of layout engine for views being passed from child modules (Outlook's modules are different sizes for Task than for Calendar, etc.)


I like the example for extending the controls to full width, but aligning them vertically, rather than default Flow...

But still not sure which way the creators were intending us to solve this kind of problem with their framework...
Anybody else have an idea?
Dec 2, 2006 at 3:52 PM
originally posted by: ChrisHolmes

To me, this sounds like an ideal candidate for a Workspace. Then your modules could just fill out a specific SmartPartInfo object that you subclass and pass along the icon/text/etc. Provide a couple layout options on the WorkSpace and you should be golden.