UIExtensionSites from ModuleInit

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Feb 13, 2006 at 9:44 PM
originally posted by: sklett

Maybe I'm thinking about this wrong. I have a control on the left of my shell that holds a collection of buttons. As my Modules are loaded, I want them to add a button to this "side bar" control. I was stopped in my tracks as I realized that RootWorkItem doesn't have a get accessor.

Like I said, I might be approaching the relationship and duties of WorkItems and Modules all wrong, but from what I DO understand, I would like my modules to have several different work items, all of which are part of an inventory sub system. This inventory sub system is one of several sub systems that I wish to host in my shell. Each subsytem will have a button in said control in the left area of the shell form.

Is there a way to specify a "default" WorkItem in a module? How should I be doing this? I thought that I had a solid plan, but I'm doubting things a bit now.

Any tips welcome!