UI-less WorkItems as containers

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Jul 1, 2005 at 9:22 PM
originally posted by: eilert

The CAB infrastructure makes it easy to use and derive serviced containers, which one also can use for buisness classes, eg. as data containers. One than has to decide which ones to extent or use. When using Inversion of Control (IOC) one most likely want to derive from the ‘DependencyInjectorContainer’. However 'WorkItems' also use ‘State’ objects and I think sometimes one would actually want to have access to these, which could be buisness objects themselves. In this case one would need to derive from a ‘WorkItem’, but these have a lot of UI specific services, which one most likely don’t want to carry around.

My question is: Could the ‘WorkItem’ be refractored into say a ‘DataContainer’ deriving form the ‘DependencyInjector’ with the ‘StateMonitor’ and possible the ‘EventCatalogMonitor’ and most of the methods and properties, leaving the ‘WorkItem’ with the UI services and in itself deriving from the ‘DataContainer’.

Another question is: Are there plans to adapt the other p&p Application Blocks so that they can use some of the CAB infrastructure?