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Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Feb 18, 2006 at 4:56 AM
originally posted by: pwolf


I was wondering how the concept of CAB fits together with this article on MSDN
Implement a Microsoft Word-like Object Model for Your .NET Framework Application
It would be very helpful for me to be able to implement an automation model as it is described in the article.

Would it be possible to do this in CAB?
What is the model in the article missing what CAB has to offer?

Thanks a lot
Feb 18, 2006 at 8:38 AM
originally posted by: BradWilsonMSFT

CAB neither helps nor hinders the addition of such an object model. It will be slightly challenging if you write a loosely coupled application. The solution chosen may depend on the requirements.

For example, you might choose to make a single object model available that covers everything in the application (shell & models), and design some kind of extensibility system for the object model so that new modules can plug into the system.

Or, you might choose to have a single object model per "logical" application (meaning, likely, one per module for any modules that might need to expose a model).