Help required on Object builder

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Dec 1, 2005 at 3:45 AM
originally posted by: Badcat


I want to design a plugin architecture using Object builder. I will present the idea, please let me know if this is right or if it is already catered for, or if I totally miss the point..

I will define an interface for my WorkItem objects.

There will be then a new module that have an initialiser loading a workitem processing specific commands and inserting UIElements etc. When a command is fired, it must call object builder with the interface and an ID to identify the type of plugin (workItem) required. The WorkItem and all related Smartparts, services and controllers will be in these plugin assemblies. I basically the want the object builder to look at the ID, find the real object strong name, load the assembly dynamically if not loaded already, get the Type and perform the rest of the building process. I'm not sure form the documentation if object builder will load assemblies if the assembly is not loaded yet???. If it does, great will the above work? or do I need to write a custom strategy?

One further step will be to first see if the assembly to be loaded is already installed via clickonce or if it is an optional assembly. Then first download the assembly before loading it..

any ideas or comments is wellcome.