[Design] Add Isolation to ObjectBuilder

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Nov 20, 2005 at 3:08 AM
originally posted by: obiwan

As I understand it (I'm relatively new to IoC and DI), ObjectBuilder is "just" a really extensible new operator (and a destructor). This factory facility allows interception of the create request and defers processing to a chain of builder strategies (right so far?). When looking at such a facility from a higher level it stands to reason that such a factory should also support other features. Maybe enlist the building process into a transaction (System.Transactions) scope or let the client specify (or fetch from config) an indicator how "isolated" the instance should be and therefor how fault tolerant. Just like in IIS where you can specify the isolation of the process handling your web requests.

It's just a thought and I'm not familiar enough with ObjectBuilder to assess if this is already possible with some customization. I like to know what you (CAB-team and Community) think about such concepts...
Dec 13, 2005 at 9:08 AM
originally posted by: PProvost

This is exactly the kind of thing we are thinking about for OB.

BTW, we now have a codegallery specifically for Object Builder. You can join at http://codegallery.gotdotnet.com/objectbuilder