Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Sep 13, 2005 at 11:23 AM
originally posted by: JRoland

hi all,
first I would like to congratulate the team for such a great work :-)
men your work is really wonderful, and it's a real pleasure to build application with it.

my 2 cents of contribution now: it seem like there is a bug in the TabWorkspace.cs class, in the method Show(object smartPart, ISmartPartInfo smartPartInfo).
It occures when you show a smartpart, close it (or hide it) and then re show it.
The bug is due to the fact the Hide and Close method do a "TabPages.Remove(pagesspcontrol);"
(lines 64 & 81) which remove the tabpage from the TabPages but not from the pages collection.

On his side the Show method check if the tabpage is in the 'pages' collection, and if it's true consider that it's also in TabPages collection.

a simple fix is to add the following line a line 105:

if (!this.TabPages.Contains(pagesspcontrol))

tell me if it make sense or I misuse the AB.

john from Paris/France